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Boone Electric Cooperative Logo


Industry: Utilities

Socket Services: 2 Primary Rate Interface circuits (PRIs), Direct Inward Dial numbers (DIDs), Toll-Free Numbers, Virtual Auto Attendant

Location: Columbia, Missouri

Website: booneelectric.coop



Founded in 1936, Boone Electric Cooperative is located in Columbia, MO and serves more than 30,000 member-owners in Boone County and the surrounding areas.

The cooperative has returned more than $60 million in capital credits to its member-owners, and is dedicated to providing the best services at the lowest cost possible.


Over the years, Boone Electric has relied on Socket to provide a variety of telecom services, including dial-up, email and now the organization’s phone service. Unlike other providers, though, Socket’s team has been especially helpful and responsive. 

“When I’d call our previous phone provider, I’d get a rep who would take a message and then say they’d get back to me between eight and five,” said Robin Shay, Business Analyst. “But when I call Socket, I actually get a tech - get help - when I call! It seems silly, but it’s such a blessing!” 

It’s something that makes Shay’s day just a little bit easier. “It’s so much less stressful. I don’t have to worry about a thing!” said Shay.


Boone Electric also relies on Socket to provide Internet at its yearly membership meeting. Providing an Internet connection to an off-site location for a single day is unorthodox, but vital.

“We still need to be able to access our databases, so that connection… it has to work that day,” said Shay. “Socket’s been a real lifesaver, working with us to make that happen.”

It’s the kind of custom, tailored service that Shay has come to expect from Socket – and the kind Boone Electric strives to provide its own member-owners.