This is Sam’s third win since joining the Socket team in 2010. He now spends much of his time getting new business customers up and running, in addition to serving as a resource for all his fellow techs./p>

For some of our customers, VoiP fraud protection is something they’ve never thought about. For others, it’s one of the reasons they made the switch to Socket in the first place.

In simple terms, VoiP fraud is an unauthorized user making calls from your phone system. It’s a simple trick that paves the way for a variety of scams; calling their own 900 numbers and racking up thousands in charges, for instance, or selling “cheap” (stolen) long distance minutes.

Dawn originally started in our tech support department, where she won her first YMTD award back in 2016. She's now a part of our business team, responsible for coordinating the delivery of fiber services to new business customers.