MPLS: Is it Right for Your Business?


If your business operates at several locations, take a close look at multi-protocol label switching (MPLS). It could save you money and improve the reliability and performance of your network.

MPLS detours traffic around problem areas of a network. It also allows businesses to customize how information is transferred and designate which traffic should take highest priority.

Many experts consider MPLS to be a “future-proof” networking solution, since it easily adapts to changes in your business or technology.

If you’re looking to do any of the following, MPLS could be a great fit for your business:

Connect multiple locations.
Seamlessly connect all your sites to one another, allowing traffic to flow more smoothly. MPLS is scalable and can easily accommodate company growth.

Minimize accidental downtime.
The network is not dependent on a hub, so problems from power failures and cable cuts are limited to the site affected.

Control your network.
Allot guaranteed bandwidth to the applications and systems your business depends on most – voice, video, Internet, e-mail or FTP.

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