How a Hacker can Steal Your Customer Data


Businesses face great responsibility when entrusted with private customer information. Security breaches bring serious legal and financial consequences.

Don’t let your company be a hacker hot-spot – avoid these common security gaps:

Poor building and equipment security.
Don’t allow criminals to steal information right on your own property. Install security cameras, invest in a document shredder and keep an inventory of computers and network hardware.

A wide-open network.
Hackers can easily slip into unprotected networks, so install a firewall for protection. Also, enforce a strict policy that
employees have up-to-date anti-virus software, and update servers periodically to fix security bugs.

Well-meaning (but uninformed) employees. 
Con artists can exploit your employees to unknowingly compromise information. Train employees how to distribute customer data safely and combat these social engineering tactics.

The costs associated with implementing data security measures are minimal compared to the reputational and financial risks of customer identity theft.