Have You Outgrown DSL?


Four signs your business is ready for a T1.

High-Speed DSL is a cost-effective way for many homes and businesses to connect to the Internet. However, as your business grows and changes, it’s important for your Internet service to keep up. You know it’s time to consider an upgrade if any of the following factors apply to your business:

1. Data transfer is crucial. If a loss of connectivity would be detrimental to your business, you likely need a dedicated T1 connection. You’ll experience more consistent and reliable speeds, as well as greater uptime.

2. You upload a significant amount of data. DSL offers quick download speeds but slower upload speeds. A T1 connection offers equal speeds both in and out, making it easier to send large files.

3. Your company plans to use VOIP or a virtual private network (VPN). With a T1, you are guaranteed a specific connection speed and will not be subject to problems related to spikes in others’ usage. Using these technologies with DSL could result in delayed or garbled phone calls, as well as poor VPN performance.

4. You’re spending too much on phone service. If you have ten or more employees, six or more phone lines or spend more than $500/month on telephone and Internet, you may see cost savings by utilizing a T1 instead of a combination of traditional phone service and DSL.

To find out whether your business is ready to upgrade to a T1, contact Socket at 1-800-SOCKET-3