Four Technology Time-Savers


Enhance productivity by using technology to your advantage.

Most employees are heavily dependent upon high-tech applications to do their jobs well. Be sure your company’s technology is helping—not hindering—your workers.

Direct callers to the right person immediately.
Use automatic call distribution or direct inward dial (DID) numbers to route calls, saving time and reducing unnecessary transfers.

Reduce lags and outages.
Host your virtual private network (VPN) on a T1— it’s more reliable than DSL or cable. Employees can easily access and transfer files away from the office.

Slash travel expenses with conference calls.
Virtual meetings with workers or clients save money and allow employees to spend more time at work than in the car.

Eliminate headaches. Stop wasting time finding the right person at the right company to contact with questions. Consolidate to one telecom provider (and one neck to wring).

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