Cut Costs with Conference Calling


Four ways your business could benefit from this convenient service.

Many businesses benefit from conference calls, regardless of size, industry or the technical expertise of employees.
Here are a few ways conference calling can help your business:

Save time.
Spend more time efficiently on important work matters instead of traveling, benefiting both you and the employees or clients you speak with. Consolidate several phone calls into one highly productive phone call.

Save on travel costs.
Business trips can be costly, and driving or flying quickly consumes employees’ valuable time. Save money and time by holding a conference call instead.

Keep records of important information.
Conference calls can be recorded for later reference or archiving. Audio files can also be shared with individuals who were unable to participate in the call.

Increase flexibility.
Unlike a business trip, conference calls can be planned quickly and inexpensively with minimal disruption to tight work schedules. Many conference calls require no reservation and callers can quickly and easily dial in at any time.

Socket offers customized conference calling solutions with no set-up fees, monthly charges, contracts or extras to buy. To try 500 free minutes, call 1-800-762-5383