Communication at a Distance


Many businesses struggle to find an efficient way to communicate with co-workers and customers in other locations. The right solution depends on the distance, as well as the nature, frequency and cost of the communication. Some options to consider include:

Company Vehicle
Company vehicles provide reliable transportation for employees to reach customers. With custom decals, they can project a professional image and be seen by thousands of potential customers. However, with rising gas prices and maintenance costs, this option may not be ideal when dealing with customers at great distances.

Long-Distance Telephone
This classic method is cost-effective for one-to-one communication across many miles. Understand your actual long-distance rate may be different than the advertised rate. Check for maintenance costs and other hidden fees. If communicating with several people, this choice may not be ideal.

When simultaneous communication with a group of people is required, consider a conference call. A videoconference simulates a face-to-face interaction, but it may cause problems for participants without adequate bandwidth.

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