Congratulations, Rachael Riley, You Make the Difference!


Rachael Riley


Congratulations to Rachael Riley, Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference Award winner for June!

This is Rachael’s second time winning the award – the first time, she was our front desk receptionist, and the very first face customers saw when visiting. Since then, she’s joined our team of Business Center Coordinators, which helps handle our business customer accounts and takes care of any billing or support issues.

“She does an amazing job,” said a coworker who nominated her for the award. “She’s unfazed by any task sent her way, and regardless of the task, she always seems to have a smile on her face.”

Outside of work, Rachael spends a lot of time with her 16 year old daughter, as well as her fiancée, two dogs, and “one angry bird.” She’s also an accomplished artist – many of the cute cartoons around the office are her work! She might even sign one for you if you ask nicely.

“The best part of Socket is that I feel like I belong here,” said Rachael. “I’m a little weird, and a little geeky, but peeps here get me. I super appreciate that.”