doorbell home security system


It’s no surprise that over the next five years, the percentage of homes that have security systems in America is expected to increase by 64%. With home security systems becoming more affordable and technological advances making them more effective, Americans are choosing to be proactive in keeping their home safe. But how much bandwidth is really required for these systeAverage Household Bandwidth Usage Infographicms to work effectively?

When households begin to add in smart thermostats, smart home devices such as Alexa, and smart personal devices such as phone and tablets, as well as streaming and online gaming all with multiple family members…this can make your needed bandwidth add up quick. See our chart (right) for how much bandwidth devices can take up when in use. It is no secret that households are needing faster speeds due to people working and learning online because of COVID-19 and internet access has been essential. So how can this affect your Wi-Fi enabled home security system? From downloading, uploading, storing, and sending data, your home security system does a lot all while protecting your home. Socket Fiber is here to help when it matters most.

With Socket Fiber, video clips can be downloaded and uploaded instantly – no loading or waiting times. If you were to notice something strange at your home or need to save a clip to your mobile device, it takes less than one second. When you need to play back that video over Wi-Fi there’s no buffering, just streaming. Socket Fiber is here to help when it matters most, to keep you and your home connected and your loved ones safe.

Check to see what speeds are available to your home.