avoid robocalls



The first step in avoiding a robocall is understanding what a robocall is. Basically, it's an automated call done through a computerized dialer. Sometimes they're necessary; other times they can be a pain, especially if they come from unwanted sources. If you’re being plagued by a stream of unwanted calls, try out these tips. 


Join the National Do Not Call Registry

The Federal Trade Commission gives you the option to put your number on a list, making it illegal for telemarketers to contact you.You can register your landline, cellphone, or both, whatever works best for you. Plus it’s free, so don’t worry about paying any fines or fees. It’s not a full-proof method, but it’s definitely a good first step.


Install outside apps and devices

For your mobile phone, there are multiple call blocking apps to stop incoming calls from reaching you. They come with different services and tools, so be sure to do your research on which one would fit your personal needs. Landlines also have their own form of call blocking, done through call blocking devices. You can use these to block numbers without a caller ID, international numbers, etc. These also come with spam registers that already have pre downloaded numbers you don’t have to worry about.


Take necessary precautions

Robocalls are not 100% avoidable, even if you take all the steps to stop them. That’s why it’s important to understand how to properly handle them when they do come.

Do not answer. The best way to avoid making mistakes when dealing with spam calls is to simply not answer them. Let the call go to voicemail, and if it doesn’t seem legit, block the number.

Question the rush. Try not to get caught up in a call warning you to do something very quickly. Think through what they are asking and don’t do anything rash out of fear.

Beware of “neighbor spoofing”. Just because the caller ID might have a local area code, doesn’t mean it’s actually local. Nowadays, scammers can spoof a number to make it more enticing to answer.

Verify the call.  There are times when a call might claim to be a company you work with or have services through. For instance, someone claiming to be a Socket representative might call about issues with your internet service. Always call the number you know is associated with the company to see if the call came from them.


If you’re a Socket customer and have questions about unwanted calls, you can speak with our local customer service representatives at 1-800-762-5383.