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At Socket, we are proud to offer Whole Home WiFi with eero, a leader in WiFi Mesh technology. It works to deliver a consistently strong WiFi signal throughout your home, exactly where you need it. It will work with your existing modem or router and could even replace your router all together. Socket’s Whole Home WiFi plug-and-play technology lets you effortlessly build a wired and wireless setup that fits your connected home.

What you’re getting with Socket’s Whole Home WiFi:

Home Coverage

Our Whole Home WiFi blankets a customer’s entire home with fast, reliable, and secure WiFi. The system can expand to fit the needs of any home. Customers can finally stream, work, and play from every corner of their home – customizable and scalable to any size or shape home.

Network Privacy

Our WiFi is also equipped with the best safety measures. With advanced security build into every device and automatic updates, your network is always protected.

Network Management

Instantly know the status of your internet connection. Be the master of your domain and access smart bandwidth control to know what’s happening with your WiFi – block devices, share a guest network with friends and family, and schedule online access for your kids.

TrueMesh Technology

With TrueMesh technology, connections balance dynamically whenever an obstacle is identified. Instead of a connection slowing down due to a congested point, Socket’s Whole Home WiFi simply reroutes traffic to keep things running smoothly.

Device Connection

Do it all with Socket Whole Home WiFi – download 4K content, stream music, play online video games with all minimal to no buffering. Socket Whole Home WiFi delivers fast, reliable internet everywhere you need it, Wireless up to 500 Mbps. Wired speed up to 940 Mbps.

Fast and Easy Setup and Control

While friendly in-home installation can be performed by Socket technicians, you can choose our self-install option with the eero mobile app. It’s easy to build a custom mesh WiFi setup for your home including guided placement of each eero. You’ll go from unboxing to surfing the web in 10 minutes. The eero mobile app allows you to check and control your connections, even while not at home.

Socket’s Whole Home WiFi is available for $5 per month, with additional extenders available for $5 per unit if you have a large home requiring more coverage. Give us a call at 800-762-5383 to get your Whole Home WiFi system today!