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It can be obvious when you’re sitting at home scrolling through social media or streaming Netflix if your internet could use an upgrade. When it comes to your business, the signs can look a bit different.

We spoke to one of Socket’s Business Account Executives of over 15 years, Dave Giles, about some issues he’s ran into with businesses that are tell-tale signs your business is ready for a broadband upgrade:

  • Slow speeds and buffering. One of the number one signs that your business needs an upgrade is that everything is running slow along with your website, videos, calls, and other communication tools that are constantly buffering. This can also result in issues with email attachments.
  • Poor voice quality/audio and video. Fuzzy phone line or Zoom call? This can be a result of poor internet and can result in frustrated customers and business partners.
  • Inadequate service at certain times of the day. Also known as throttling, during peak use times you may notice that your service is much slower which can also result in frustration as stated above.
  • Complaints from customers about accessing your website. While there can be multiple sources that affect your website, your broadband could be the reason that customers are having a tough time accessing it. This can result in a loss of sales and again, frustrated customers.
  • Problems with point of sales (POS) systems. Customers standing in the checkout line forever due to slow speeds at the register? Poor internet can cause your POS system to be slow also resulting in you guessed it, frustrated customers.
  • Security cameras not working properly or not being able to utilize them to their full potential. One tell-tale sign that often gets overlooked is the inability to use your businesses security system because your current broadband cannot keep up with it.

What’s the solution to these tell-tale signs? Fiber internet. If your business utilizes cloud services, video conferencing, VPN, WAN, Hosted PBX, or Hosted CRM and SaaS, fiber is a must for your business. Here’s how it can help solve the tell-tale signs previously discussed:

  • More speed. High-speed connectivity for video, voice, and file transfers, as well as other high-bandwidth usage. No more slow speeds, buffering, poor audio or video quality, and utilize that security system!
  • No bottlenecks. Get LAN (Local Area Network) speeds on your WAN (Wide Area Network), so it’s like everyone is in the same building.
  • Futureproof. Ensure that your network will grow along with your bandwidth speeds.
  • More control. Eliminate multiple high-cost, outdated circuits from phone and cable companies, and take control of your network.
  • Redundancy options. Having more than one access point to the network will ensure higher uptime for your business.

Fiber internet to your business will result in less frustrations for you, your customers, and your business partners. Give us a call today at 800-762-5383 or visit socket.net/quote to get a free quote today!