Doctor communicating on phone

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a modern way to virtually diagnose, assist, and treat patients all at a distance by using telecommunications technology. This prominent, new approach has made a huge impact on the growth of the American healthcare culture. With the rise of smart devices and high-quality video in the past several decades, telemedicine has helped bring healthcare to homes, work places, and other living facilities.

Why is Telemedicine important?

Thanks to the convenience of telemedicine, patients are now able to enjoy less time away from work, fewer travel expenses to-and-from doctor visits, and reduce exposure risks from other potentially contagious patients. Telemedicine also has benefits for providers such as increased revenue, fewer missed appointments and cancellations, and better patient follow-through. This technology has been a positive asset for healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Jason Hallock, chief medical officer of SOC Telemed, reports that “Using acute telemedicine for tele-triage is helping keep staff in a low-risk category for infection by completely eliminating exposure for those doctors or other hospital staff.” It also allows doctors to stay in their best shape, helping patients in need while reducing their own exposure risks.

Why is fiber important for Telemedicine?

With telemedicine comes a need for fast and reliable internet service. Without adequate bandwidth or speed, video conference calls can buffer, lag, or drop; which is frustrating for a patient trying to seek medical advice.  Fiber internet provides the fastest, most reliable connection available, allowing patients to reach their care providers without even leaving their homes. “Telemedicine is extremely important in today’s world, if someone in mid-Missouri needs to talk with a doctor in Boston, they can do that today from the comfort of their home with a fiber internet connection,” says Carson Coffman, Socket President and COO. Socket Fiber lets customers connect with telemedicine technology wherever they are, whenever they need it.