I want socket fiber


It’s probably our most asked question: “How do I get Socket Fiber in my neighborhood?” and we get it – who doesn’t want the fastest, most reliable internet?  As your local option for friendly customer service and simple billing for internet, phone, and TV service, we are happy to let you know that it’s easier than ever to request fiber to your home in 3 simple steps.

STEP 1: See if Socket Fiber is currently available to your home by visiting socket.net/fiberhood and inputting your address. We are rapidly expanding throughout mid-Missouri and you might currently have fiber to your home!

If you do have Fiber, you can stop here. If you don’t currently have fiber, see step 2 for great news.

STEP 2: Request Socket Fiber. Great news: we are always looking for new areas to expand our fiber network! After inputting your address, click the button that says, “request fiber”. This will lead you to fill out a form with your contact information. Once done click “I want fiber”. But you can’t stop here!

STEP 3: Tell your neighbors! Whether it be email, text, or a social media post - anything you can do to get the word out to your neighbors that they need to request Socket Fiber as well! The more homes that submit the request, the better the chance your area will have of getting Socket Fiber!

So how will you know if Socket has decided to build fiber to your neighborhood?

We will review all the requests that come in and the areas with the most requests will be evaluated to expand our network. It’s really as easy as that. Your neighborhood could be the next Socket Fiberhood! Once your area is chosen you will receive a notification via the email address you provide, and we will also send information in the mail as well as posting on social media platforms – so be sure to give us a follow!


Visit socket.net/fiberhood today to check for availability and to request fiber!