PBX System

Hosted PBX is a telephone system that offers the benefits of a traditional phone system, but is available over a cloud. Traditional phone systems are connected to a standard phone line, which rely on copper wiring all throughout the building. Hosted PBX systems are much simpler, connected over a cloud through the use of a modem that’s connected to the internet.

You might be wondering what the advantages are to having a hosted PBX system over a traditional phone system. Here they are:

  • Flexibility- Hosted PBX allows you to make and receive phone calls from pretty much anywhere, thanks to the cloud. This includes your cell phone, house phone, and even your laptop. This feature makes hosted PBX perfect for businesses that have multiple remote employees.
  • Unlimited Scalability- Traditional systems are connected through phone lines, which can take a lot of time to trouble-shoot specific issues and can also get expensive. Unlike traditional phone systems, hosted PBX makes it easy to manage the system quickly through a web-based portal. Changes and updates can be made almost immediately through the cloud, which makes it easy to add lines in as you need them. This makes hosted PBX perfect for businesses that are in the growth stage.
  • Reduced Costs- Socket does not charge any large up-front capital expenses. There will also be no ongoing maintenance costs since hosted PBX doesn’t require any traditional hardware that requires upkeep. This also cuts down on installation costs, hardware and software costs, and training costs. Hosted PBX also saves space. Traditional phone systems require space, such as a closet, where equipment can be stored. With hosted PBX this type of storage is unnecessary because there is no hardware needed to be stored.
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery- With the automatic call failover feature, in the event of an emergency, such as a snow storm that keeps you out of the office, you can have your calls redirected to another phone number and allow customers to continue to reach you. Being connected through a cloud also protects your phone system from natural disasters that would typically damage traditional hardware, such as a flood.

With a hosted PBX phone system, your business can enjoy all of the features of a traditional phone system, as well as a customized list of popular VoIP features. For more information on the VoIP features that Socket provides you can visit https://www.socket.net/business/hosted-pbx.