Woman working from home

COVID-19 pandemic has quickly changed the lives of people all over the World, forcing most people to adjust to a new normal. The trend of working from home has quickly become the norm for millions of people in the US. Due to the coronavirus, the White House has made the suggestion that schools and universities close and has called for millions of people to begin working from home. This adjustment can be very challenging for some people, so here is a list of tips for staying productive at home.

  1. Dress for Success. Changing out of your pajamas will help you stay a little more motivated. Staying in your PJs may lead you to the mind set of lounging around. Dressing for the job you are doing will help you stay confident and focused, leading to a more productive work day.
  2. Stick to a Schedule. Map out time blocks for the work that you need to get done each day. You can also set goals that you want to reach by the end of the day, which might help motivate you to stick to your schedule. Writing these out in a calendar or a to-do list will help you visualize everything you need to get done.
  3. Have a Designated Work Space. Having a designated work space helps keep things more productive. This could be a desk, your kitchen table, or even a spot on the floor. Staying in your bed or on the couch might make you tired, which could make it hard to stay focused. It also helps to move around throughout the day to keep your mind fresh. You could start the morning in the kitchen and end the day at a desk.
  4. Maintain a Clean Environment. It is important to keep your designated work space neat and tidy, free from any distractions. It is also important to create an environment that will motivate you to stay productive. This could include adding candles, plants, a diffuser, or anything else to make the space a healthy work environment.
  5. Listen to Music. If you are home alone all day, things could get a little too quiet. If you are able to multitask, put on some soft instrumental music that will clear your mind and help you focus. Some good playlist recommendations are “Lo-Fi Beats” on Spotify or “Classical Goes Pop” on Pandora.
  6. Create Motivation. Reward yourself for the work that you are getting done throughout the day. This could include a coffee, a snack, or even a break.
  7. Take Breaks. Even though you are working at home it is still important to take short 15 minute breaks. When you work from home you do not receive the person to person interactions that you would in the office. Do things that will clear your mind at home, such as walking or stretching.
  8. Check in on Coworkers. Since you are missing these human interactions keep in touch with your coworkers. Just send them a quick message to see how things are going.
  9. Stay Healthy. Staying at home all day can make it very easy to slack off on personal health. It is important to stick to a sleep schedule, and eat healthy meals. You can use the time you would normally use to commute to work to make a healthy breakfast.

Aside from the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has really become a trend within the past few years and is continuing to grow. According to an article on Fundera, the population of people working from home, excluding self-employers has grown 115% since 2005. According to Quartz, the US Census says that 5.2% of the US population worked from home in 2017. This equals about 8 million people. Two-thirds of managers that have employees working from home report that they are more productive. However, the key to staying productive while working from home is having strong internet connection. Socket provides high-speed fiber optic internet that will make working from home a piece of cake. Here’s what our customers have to say about our internet speeds and working from home:

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