Steven Sullivan


It's an end of the year Socket tradition that with careful consideration, Socket's owners, George and Carson, choose a deserving employee to be named Socketeer of the Year. This year's winner was chosen out of the twelve employees who were monthly You Make The Difference winners throughout 2020. This award goes to someone who represents Socket's core values and beliefs while exemplifying everything there is to being named one of Socket's best and outstanding employees.

Our 2020 Socketeer of the Year is Steven Sullivan, or as many call him: Sully. He's a Residential Tech Support Agent that is always willing to help our customers but is also a coworker that many employees rave about. "This guy is always friendly, always has a smile and is always ready to help be it a customer or fellow coworker. He is always ready to lend a hand even if it means someone's truck needs a jump on the way out of the lot" says one employee. Another says "I hear Steve with customers frequently; his demeanor, attitude, and behaviors all reflect our core values. He is patient, friendly, courteous, and truly has our customers best interests at heart. I am grateful to be working side by side with a Socketeer like Sully". Sully can be heard in the call center making customers laugh daily and he has a signature line that he uses to end most of his calls: cheers!

The Socketeer of the year has the opportunity to go above and beyond on their Christmas wish list. Sully received an Asus ROG Gaming Desktop, a $300 gift card for CEEM, a $500 gift card to Best Buy, a $1,000 Visa gift card as well as a $100 Amazon gift card. Socket will also be covering all of his 2021 health premiums. Sully is a pizza lover, so he was also gifted a $100 gift card to Wise Guys and $2,500 towards a trip to Chicago to get Chicago-style deep dish! Congratulations, Sully!