TJ Williams at Socket in Columbia, Missouri

Congratulations to Anthony “TJ” Williams, Business Center Analyst Tier III, on being named Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference Winner for December!

TJ first heard about Socket when he was working at his previous job. He was ready to find a new job, and one night a group of Socket employees came in and they encouraged him to apply to Socket. A week later he had an interview, and the rest is history!

As a Business Center Analyst Tier III, TJ says he fixes a lot of things. His job entails troubleshooting and repairing deployed Network and SIP based equipment. He also works with other departments to correct errors in installations and sales orders when unexpected circumstances arise.

Multiple coworkers nominated TJ, here are the great things they had to say about him:

“TJ is always happy to help someone in need or teach you something new. He has more knowledge about SIP Voice protocols than almost anyone in the company and is always willing to walk you through figuring it out. He helps foster the best of the inquisitive, and help everyone reach their ambitions, is a respectful resource for everyone in the company, and one of the best team leaders as the Business Tech T3 you could ask for. What could be more Socket than that?”

“TJ brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Business Center. This not only makes our customers have a superior experience with Socket service, but his drive to educate those around him edifies his team to follow his example and provide superior service to our customers. He is an invaluable asset to the Business Center team and a great team member to work with.”

“TJ is a super knowledgeable and core member of our Business Center tech team that is always willing to lend a hand and spread his knowledge to those around him. He’s easy to work with and always does his best to explain things in a way that makes sense even if you don’t have the same level of knowledge as he does. Keep it up, TJ!”

TJ recently married fellow Socketeer Allison Ferguson who is a Provisioner and won our February YMTD award! The two of them enjoy doing a lot of retro gaming together and computer building. They’ve had multiple coworkers bring their systems to them to help diagnose an issue. “There’s always a computer part laying around somewhere!” says TJ.

As for his favorite part of working at Socket, TJ says he likes being able to work on a lot of different types of hardware and software. “I get to be hands-on with a lot of high-level networking equipment. My department is a gateway for different departments within Socket, so you get to work with a lot of different people. Since the job requires intermediate knowledge of a lot of different departments, it gives a nice view of the inner workings of our environment.” Congrats, TJ!