Sy Harvell

Congratulations to Sy Harvell, Service Delivery Coordinator, on being named Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference award winner for September!

Sy saw that Socket was “invading” Boonville, where he lives and his home town, and wanted to be a part of a company that saw the value in it. As a Service Delivery Coordinator, Sy says he’s basically a project manager that coordinates the installation of Socket services for business customers.

Socket employees that nominated Sy had nothing but fantastic things to say about him.

“He is doing amazing work and upholds our core values here at Socket. He puts our customers first and that is extremely important to me as well,” says one employee.

Another employee says “Sy is just a work horse. He's taken a lot of responsibility with a lot of his colleagues still working from home. He's a cornerstone of service delivery.”

One employee even took the time to write quite the poem about Sy:


“Sy is Daring, he fearlessly pursue new ideas and opportunities to fulfill Socket's vision.

Sy is Inquisitive, he asks questions, listens, researches, and learns.

Sy is Responsive, he answers to those we serve with keeps promises and shows a sense of urgency.

Sy is Ambitious, he challenges his team members to grow, adapt, and succeed.

Sy is Respectful, he value individuals, resources, ideas, and time.

Sy is Unified, he has a strong since of team work and coordinating with others.

Sy is Honest, open, clear, direct, and acts with integrity.”


When Sy isn’t at Socket, you can find him spending time with his wife and twin boys, Abram and Isaac. Sy says, “that is what it is all about for me,” when talking about his family. He also enjoys collecting coins, fishing, and learning about his wife’s Vietnamese culture.

With over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry working for a large company, Sy says that he enjoys working at Socket because of the small business hometown approach to customers. He even recalls his first phone call to Socket. “The first time I called in, I talked with someone live, and within 20 seconds they sold me on Socket.”