Michael Atkisson

Congratulations to Michael Atkisson Sr., Tier II Business Center Analyst, on being named Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference Winner for April!

Michael was a Socket dial-up customer in the mid-90s before he met his wife and moved to Fulton, MO. “I had read an article about Socket starting to build fiber out in the Millersburg area and saw it as an opportunity to learn something new” says Michael. Nearly 10 years later, he says he hasn’t been disappointed. “Every day there is always something new to learn, and challenges always present themselves.”

As a Tier II Business Center Analyst, Michael provides internet and phone support for Socket’s business customers. He says he gets to work with a great team that collaborates to resolve communication issues and provide solutions to fit the needs of local businesses.

Multiple coworkers nominated Michael – here are the kind things they had to say:

“Michael has been a loyal Socketeer for many years. He goes above and beyond with some of the largest Socket accounts. Michael is the foundation of the BC tech department and deserves recognition.”

“Michael is an invaluable member of Socket. He works hard, helps where he can, and takes care of more than most people realize. He deserves the You Make the Difference Award more than he would even let on.”

“When Mike isn't handling UC-1 issues or closing tickets, he's giving very helpful advice on trouble tickets that helps resolve customer issues and helps BC techs learn from and through every issue. Not only a tremendous asset to the BC team, but a true example of what the name Socket means to our customers.”

“We can always count on Mike for succinct explanations of complex issues.”

“Michael does far more than anyone expects and never asks for anything in return. Many of the things that Socket does for customers on a regular basis would likely go undone without him. He deserves it.”

A family man, outside of work you’ll find Michael spending time with his wife of 20 years and their two cats Pearl and Chloe and two dogs Max and Bonnie. They consider their pets their surrogate grandchildren. He has two sons that are also in the IT field. His oldest son works for a major government contractor on the upper west coast who has blessed Michael with three grandchildren and his youngest son is a biomedical engineer specializing in imaging technology who is engaged to be married next Spring!

Michael enjoys cooking weekend family dinners, watching old westerns (anything with John Wayne) as well as Japanese anime, old musicals, and classical music. He says that on the weekends there are always highly competitive and “verbally aggressive” canasta games that “would make a sailor blush”!