Matt Fox

Congratulations to Matt Fox on being named Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference award winner for August!  Matt started at Socket in September 2018 and is a Programmer in the IT Department. Having been a Socket customer while in college, it was a company he wanted to consider while looking for jobs in the technology field and so he applied!  As a programmer, he helps improve the existing system to benefit Socket customers and employees. Usually it’s through automation but sometimes he’s a bug fixer.

A co-worker who nominated him said, “Matt has put in a ton of extra, after-hours work on the MU project to get it running as smoothly as possible. More generally, he is always up for a challenge and just a fun person to work with.”

When asked about his favorite part of being a Socket employee Matt told us, “The team at Socket is passionate beyond words for what we do, as well as for the people who we serve as customers.”

He also mentions that outside of work, he is a huge gamer: “Both pen/paper and digital games, anything that I can play with my family or friends!” His biggest interests are: Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Mysterium, Mystic Vale. He’s been playing Guild Wars 2 since 2011, and recently Final Fantasy XIV.