Congratulations to Khandicia Randolph, Local Number Portability Specialist, on being named Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference Award winner for September!

Khandicia applied to work at Socket thirteen years ago, after she saw a job posting for a consumer sales position in the Columbia Tribune. Now she works in fulfillment as an LNP specialist. She helps customers keep their existing telephone number from their previous provider when they switch to Socket as a provider.

“Khandicia is always on schedule and gets the job done,” said a coworker who nominated her. “Whether it’s during hours or if she has to stay 6 hours after everyone else has gone home, I always know the job will be done right.”

Khandicia’s most important role is being a big sister. She is the oldest of eight, and also has three nephews and four nieces. Other than being with her family, Khandicia enjoys spending her time shopping, wine tasting, and traveling. She has a goal to visit 50 countries, and so far has completed 26% of that goal.

“I appreciate that for 13 years, Socket has allowed me to leave the week after Christmas to go home,” said Khandicia. “I have also never missed a graduation or other important family event, which is everything to me.”