Congratulations to Josh Barks, Service Provisioner, on being named Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference award winner for January!

Josh applied to work at Socket a little over four years ago, just after he graduated college in 2015. He was still working at McDonalds at the time, when his teacher reached out to him with the news of an opening in Socket’s call center. Hoping for a career in IT, Josh said he applied and the rest is history.

When asked how he would describe his job to a friend Josh said “You know the internet you love and use every day? Yeah, I make that work.” Josh is a jack of all trades, describing himself as a person of many hats. “I have described myself as a fire fighter, a network engineer, and on occasion a detective.”

“Josh makes himself available immediately to the needs of customers,” says a coworker who nominated him. “He comes in with an open mind, does the research, learns, and in most cases comes back with the right decision for the customer and Socket.”

In his free time Josh likes to play video games, read, and occasionally write. He loves hanging out with his friends and family which consists of his Mom, sister, nephew, and Orion, his cat of eleven years.

Josh’s favorite part about working for Socket is the people. “From our owners and managers, to the newest employee in the residential call center,” Josh says, “I have always felt welcomed since my first day.”