dawn cole

Congratulations to Dawn Cole, Service Delivery Coordinator, on being named Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference Winner for March!

While looking for jobs, Dawn came across positions Socket had available and decided to apply. With a background in the telecommunications field, she wanted to expand her knowledge and experience. Dawn says that Socket turned out to be a great place to do just that.

Her official job title is Service Delivery Coordinator, but she’s “customized” that into Business Fiber Coordinator. In her role, she keeps business customers up to date with multiple outside construction phases all the way to services being activated. She makes sure orders are moving along in a timely manner to ensure businesses get their fiber service as quickly as possible. Dawn schedules Socket’s Fiber Technicians for their daily jobs, and answers numerous questions from various departments regarding fiber for business customers. In addition to those duties, she’s also in charge of dispatching Business Technicians when a business requires a technician to be on-site.

One co-worker who nominated Dawn said, “Dawn is perhaps the most genuinely nice, good-natured person at Socket. I've never heard her complain even when she's staying late or mired in a thousand different dispatch calls. Her positivity is infectious, and she never forgets to thank someone for the help, even if we're just doing our jobs! "Team player" - look it up in the dictionary, then paste in a picture of Dawn - future generations will thank you!”

Outside of work Dawn loves spending time with her family. Her children make her a proud “mommy” daily and she has a fur baby, a 2 year old German Shepard named Chief (who won a spot in Socket’s Cutest Pet conest)! Despite that COVID halted family time this past year, she’s excited to be back having family gatherings hopefully soon. “I love being with my friends, sitting on a patio during the warmer months and listening to all types of music while enjoying countless laughs,” says Dawn. She also enjoys fishing, bonfires, target shooting, and last-minute road trips.

“My favorite part about working at Socket is absolutely my co-workers. The teamwork I see every day, within the group of people I work directly with, is beyond amazing. Those people make my job easier and have become my “extended family”. This is definitely not a one person who, it takes everyone to accomplish the goal at hand, which is getting out customer’s the service they expect.” Congratulations, Dawn!