Chris Schepers of Columbia MO

Congratulations to Chris “Shep” Schepers, Service Delivery Coordinator, on being named Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference Winner for May!

Just over 10 years ago, Shep was recruited by his good friend Jason to apply to Socket. He started out as a Customer Service Agent and six months later he was asked to join the team of Service Delivery Coordinators, and he’s been on the team ever since.

As a Service Delivery Coordinator, he serves as the first point of contact for business customers during their service installation and immediately after. He also programs and supervises the turn up of Socket’s Hosted Phone Systems and helps change Socket’s phone system as well.

One coworker who nominated Chris said, “Shep has done a great job for many years! Always customer focused. He is the go-to guy on any job that needs scheduling. We are trying to tap all of his knowledge of HPBX and Dedicated installations! Even though he is very busy he always seems to find time to answer questions or help train others. He definitely fits the mold for a YMTD award winner”.

Outside of work Shep enjoys golfing. “I try to improve my golf game, but I don’t ever do a good job of it. New clubs was not the solutions, I guess practice would help…” He also enjoys cooking and spending time outside lounging with his friends.

Shep is also newly an uncle! He has a cat name Princess who he says acts more like a dog. His hobbies include “traditional nerd activities” (his words!) such as video games, comics, and prior to the pandemic he was on track for a 4th straight year of San Diego Comic Con; Dungeons and Dragons, etc. Shep also mentions that he makes beer of “questionable quality” when the occasion arises!

As for his favorite part of working at Socket, Shep says “the free beer and the people, but mostly the beer”. Congrats, Shep!