Congratulations, Antoinette Gurley, You Make the Difference!


Antoinette Gurley


Congratulations to Antoinette Gurley, Call Center Supervisor, on being named Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference award winner for May!


Antoinette first heard about Socket during a trip from Omaha to Columbia to visit her boyfriend. They were at a laundromat discussing WiFi when another customer overheard and brought up Socket. Since she was thinking about moving to Columbia, she went on the website to see if we were hiring. Now two years later, she manages both residential tech support and customer service specialists.


“Antoinette brings out the best in those she works with, and that makes her a great leader and asset to Socket,” said a coworker who nominated her.


When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her children. Her daughter moved to Columbia after she graduated from Lincoln University in 2016, and her son just moved her three months ago. Even though they're still new to the city, they enjoy going to billiards, bowling, and eating out.


“Everyone is so helpful and friendly,” said Antoinette. “Very family oriented.”