Alex Dieffenbach

Congratulations to Alex Dieffenbach, MIS Administrator, on being named Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference award winner for March!

Alex first heard about Socket when his parents switched internet service providers from Mediacom to Socket. He had to call Socket for some support and after a couple conversations with residential tech support, they mentioned Socket was hiring. Alex applied to be a tech support agent and the rest is history.

Alex’s job title is MIS Administrator, which he would describe as tech support for the entire company. He maintains all the in house computers and phones. Alex also does some server work in his new IT position as well. People in the office describe Alex as a “tech superhero”.

Outside of work Alex enjoys spending his free time playing video games. Some of his current favorites are Call of Duty: Warzone, Doom Eternal, Escape From Tarvok, and Pokémon Go. He also enjoys fitness and is excited for the weather to warm up so he can start running in the mornings again. Alex also does some PC building and travel. He has a trip to Japan planned, although it might be delayed with the current events going on.

“Alex is an excellent role model for us all as he upholds our core values in the face of adversary,” says a coworker who nominated him. “Alex is ultra-brave and puts his duties above his fear in uncertain times; hero status.” This has been a trying month for Alex and his family so winning the YMTD award is a very uplifting way to end the month. Another coworker says Alex is “always so friendly and ready to help, even when he is buried with work. He also has the patience to explain things to a non-tech oriented person”.

Alex feels as though the company is a big family that supports each other, which is his favorite part about working at Socket. “I know that if I ask for help, there would be many people eager to answer the call,” Alex says, “I’ve definitely made many lifelong friendships working at Socket and I really value that.”