Congratulations, Nathan Lichty, You Make the Difference!


Nathan Lichty


Congratulations to Nathan Lichty, Service Delivery Specialist, for being named Socket's You-Make-The-Difference award winner for September!

This is Nathan's second time winning this award - his last win was back in 2013 as a Business Center Technician, shortly after his promotion from Residential Tech. Since then, he's rounded out his experience at Socket by spending some time in field services, before becoming one of our overnight provisioners. Now that he's back to working in daylight hours, he helps plan out and configure equipment setups for our business customers, as well as serving as a resource for his fellow techs.

"He's a master of networking," said a coworker who nominated him for the award. "Anytime I get stuck, he's got answers, and actually confirms I have an understanding of the concept by the time we're done chatting about it. Plus he's just plain enjoyable to be around."

In his spare time, Nathan enjoys video games, karaoke, and anything involving Mel Brooks or Weird Al Yankovic. However, spare time is hard to come by lately - he and his wife, Theresa, recently purchased a new home, and are in the process of getting it move-in ready.

"I'm honored to have been nominated," said Nathan. "Plus our job is inherently cool... we help deliver both priority business communication and cat videos to all who need it. We're basically heroes."

Congratulations, Nathan!