Socket Fiber Story: Tyler Oberlag



As a young college student, Tyler Oberlag knows the importance of high-speed Internet: both for his studies and for fun.
Tyler, who attends Westminster College in Fulton, splits his time between campus and his parents' home in Calwood. These trips back and forth used to cause problems when he had homework to do, since his parents had spotty Internet service and slow speeds.
Now, he's able to work on assignments at home or school, transitioning easily between the two, thanks to high-speed fiber Internet from Socket.
The switch to Socket has also made things run smoother for the many gadgets connected in the house. Between Tyler, his siblings and their parents, the family has multiple devices connected to the Internet at a time - for example, laptops, tablets, smartphones and video game consoles. The increased bandwidth that fiber provides has allowed all of those devices to connect simultaneously without issues.
"Now that we have Socket, there aren't any problems," said Tyler. "With technology, you realize how much easier your life becomes. Everything is literally in the palm of your hand."