Socket Fiber Story: Lori Twillman



Lori Twillman of Calwood, MO was used to bad Internet service. She’d tried several providers, only to be disappointed each time she switched.

“Every time we got a new option, I would try to upgrade, hoping to get better service,” she says.
Lori uses the Internet at home for both work and leisure. She’s able to occasionally work from home, but it seemed that when she really needed to—during a snowstorm, for example—she couldn’t get online.
Scrapbooking was also a challenge. Lori likes to make memory books for her kids and grandkids, but she found herself creating elaborate pages, only to find out she had been disconnected and have to start over again.
So Lori decided (again) to try something new when Socket Fiber came to her rural area. And she found that this time, the switch paid off.
“Socket has certainly relieved a lot of stress,” Lori says. “I don’t have that wait time, and it’s been a very good improvement in our household.”
The construction process went smoothly as well.
“They had to bury a fair amount of cable to bring the fiber to our house, but you would never have noticed that anyone had done anything,” she says. “They thoroughly explained everything to me, and there were no surprises.”
 As an added bonus, Lori’s family bundled their high-speed Internet with home telephone service and ended up saving money. This made the switch even easier, and Lori has finally found an Internet provider she’s happy with.
“Socket is a wonderful company to deal with and the best experience I’ve had.”