Socket Fiber Story: Jeff H.


For many rural residents, satellite Internet used to be the only alternative to dial-up. Customers would tolerate slow speeds and weather-related outages because they simply had no better option.
Jeff H. of Millersburg, MO was one of those customers. While his satellite Internet used to be sufficient for him, the satellite dish quit working one day.  A technician came out and fixed it right away.  "A day or two later I got a phone call," Jeff says. "I was told that I had to pay over $300 or pay a monthly service fee."  Jeff decided to do neither.
“When I said I wasn't interested, I was told to return all of the equipment. I couldn't believe they wanted me to pay to fix something that didn't even belong to me,” he says. “I dropped them and went without Internet for two years. I was OK with that because I was pretty much getting nothing anyway."
However, when Socket brought high-speed fiber Internet to town, Jeff decided to get back online. He’s back to surfing the Web, paying bills online, and now watching about 90% of his TV viewing online, too.
“Now that we don’t have to worry about data caps or speed fluctuations like we had with satellite, we can use Netflix and Hulu,” Jeff says. “We’re even able to watch TV and use other devices at the same time.”
Most importantly, Jeff’s happy to be done with satellite for good and is happy with his decision to sign up for Socket Fiber.
“It’s worked out really well.”