Socket Fiber Story: David Crane



David Crane, owner of well known Crane's Country Store in Williamsburg, MO, previously struggled with Internet service providers at his home.

His former satellite Internet connection couldn't keep up with his family. They'd have to power down devices at certain times of day to make things run slowly, and the speeds were terrible.

Fortunately, now that the Cranes have Socket Fiber, things are running much more smoothly. The family is using Apple TV, Netflix and more. David's wife is using the Internet for school work as well.

David also says he was pleased with Socket's technical support after equipment was quickly replaced following a lightning strike at his home.
Best of all, his whole family is able to use their many devices and not have to worry about having enough bandwidth.
"We've really used the power of the fiber-optic as much as we could," David says.
Hear David's story in this video.