Socket Fiber Story: Danny Neudecker



For Danny Neudecker and his family, Internet service used to cause a lot of hassle.
Because they live just outside Fulton, DSL service was available but speeds were slow. So Danny switched to a mobile hotspot. But that came with a cost, too: data caps. Danny and his family had to constantly monitor usage and worry about overage fees.
So when Socket brought high-speed fiber Internet to Danny's area, he was one of the first to sign up. He even found that construction was simpler than he thought it would be.
"There were two places where they had to go under our driveway," Danny says. "They trenched out the line and filled it all back in."
With the fiber-optic connection, the Neudeckers are surfing the Web free of restrictions and limits. They're streaming movies and TV shows, which they couldn't do before. Danny uses the Web to find plans and videos on woodworking, and his wife looks online for craft ideas.
"It's completely different compared to something like DSL," Danny says. "If there's anything out there that someone's interested in, it's out there online and it's really handy when you can access it at a high rate of speed."
Hear Danny's story in this video.