It's Gimme Fiber Day!


The Fiber to the Home Council has declared Monday, November 4 as Gimme Fiber Day!
We're excited to be doing just that, with a state-of-the-art network delivering fiber-optic broadband services for businesses and residents in Callaway and Boone Counties. We hope to expand that access in the future to even more areas.
Head over to to learn more about the project and to find out if you're in the coverage area. If you're not, enter your address so we can log your interest. This will help us determine where to expand our network in the future, so tell your friends and neighbors to enter their addresses, too!
Fiber supports faster Internet and more bandwidth, which will become increasingly important as the Web evolves. As more people are choosing to stream high-definition videos, connect gaming systems to the Internet and perform other high-bandwidth activities online, fiber can provide the broadband technology necessary to support all of these applications in a way that cable, DSL and wireless simply cannot.
We hope to bring fiber to many more areas in the future!