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Construction in Phase 2 continues east of Millersburg, MO and installations are going smoothly. A whopping 141,000 ft of fiber is now in the ground in Phase 2 and growing. 

Cabinets have been ordered for the northeast section of the Phase 2 area, which will connect light signals to a fiber hut near Fulton, MO. Fiber Internet and phone services will then be delivered via these light signals sent from a laser down fiber-optic glass lines the size of a human hair. 

If you live in Millersburg or Fulton, MO within our fiber network, you may have seen your neighbors displaying one of our snappy little yard signs.

Our customers are helping us get the word out about construction going on in the area as we build our fiber-to-the-home network in rural Boone & Callaway counties.

We have good news from the Fiber frontlines this week! Construction continues in Phase 2 along Highway F and near west Fulton, MO.

As we extend our fiber network down the roads intersecting off of Highway F, we will be able to serve fiber lines to more customers. If you see construction near your home, call to see if you can schedule an installation.