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As Socket’s fiber-to-the-home network expands, the number of residents able to enjoy high-speed Internet continues to climb. On top of that, major community institutions are beginning to see the benefits of high-speed, reliable connections.

Construction continues east of Fulton, MO in Callaway County. You may have seen crews from American Directional Boring (ADB) in the area over the past few months, and as the weather warms up, you'll be seeing them a little more.

This week, our fiber construction crews are drilling just west of Fulton near County Road 305. Conduit is being placed to house the fiber-optic cable in the ground, and crews will later return to place the cable itself. Currently, these drilling crews are plowing underneath the runway at Elton Hensley Memorial Airport.

All 11 fiber cabinets have now been placed as well. These cabinets serve as hubs, with homes and businesses in a particular area connecting to a cabinet in order to access our network.