Data Caps: Why Socket Doesn't Implement Them

By Carson Coffman

We got word last week that Mediacom is now issuing tighter bandwidth caps for new high-speed Internet customers.  And from the latest Comcast earnings call it is evident where they plan to increase margins with their services.
Many other providers are also limiting data usage for their customers. They claim the policies will reduce congestion on the network and ensure that a few heavy users don't slow down connections for customers who use what the provider deems a reasonable amount of data.
But we continue to offer our high-speed Internet services without usage caps, limitations or restrictions.
It’s your Internet. You paid for it. Use it!
We won't send you a warning notice. We won't bill you for overage charges. And we won't scold you when you call us for help.
Some industry experts claim the "big guys" are limiting usage in order to protect the traditional television service model, thereby limiting customers' consumption of video via the Internet.
We'll let you be the judge of that. We don't really care WHY they implement data caps. We just know we don't want to. 
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