The Development of Socket's Hosted PBX Product

By: Carson Coffman

It’s not like it’s the first time. We have done it many times before.  But it’s still one of the most fun parts of being in business. The moment a plan goes the way you had predicted it would on the back of a piece of paper years before.
We knew years ago that we would have to get into the phone system business. We could see the slow march of our PBX partners to start offering SIP trunks from a national provider to replace the phone service that Socket was providing today. We even looked at traditional PBX offerings, and considered purchasing an existing interconnection company to get us up and running fast. But each time we would come back to the move toward “cloud services” and how customers wanted more from their phone systems than what a traditional premise-based system could provide. More flexibility. More mobility. To not have their phone system stuck in a physical location. To be able to route their calls where they want, when they want. In the event of a disaster or in their normal course of business.
We spent years building our system. Geographically redundant – check. Ability to do call recording – check. Ability to support many embedded schools' handsets using Cisco-proprietary SKINNY protocol – check. Ability to do complex and true call center environments (not just hunt groups) – check. It felt like it was never going to get off the ground to me, but SIP was still maturing. We saw many companies jump in with a single system that wasn’t mature, and the results where disastrous. We needed a system that could be a leader in class on day one.
So how did it go so right this time? It was for a small town rural hospital with a 30-year-old phone system with 103 handsets that was on its last leg. They knew they needed to bring new technology online, but the budget wasn’t there for a six-figure capital outlay to bring a modern PBX into service.
They were able to save enough money each month off of their traditional local phone service bills to able to afford a new Hosted PBX for all 103 seats, and have savings left over. This will be our 2nd 100+ seat Hosted PBX sale in mid-Missouri alone in the last 60 days.
If you want to learn more about Hosted PBX or see a demo, be sure to reach out to us. We would be happy to show you what's written on the back of the next napkin!