Putting Fiber in the Ground Isn't Easy

By: Carson Coffman


Recent headlines continue to talk about the hurdles Google is facing in their first fiber-to-the-home project in Kansas City.
I feel for Google. I really do.
Our rural fiber project, while much smaller, has faced many roadblocks over the last 12 months. From endangered gray bats that held up our environmental clearances for months, to making sure we were burying cable far enough away from an Indian burial ground, we have seen our share of hurdles. But we have learned many lessons that we are going to be able to put to use on future projects and that is invaluable to our organization.
It’s not easy and it’s not the right direction for all companies to go, but we are happy to have our first 30 customers up and running with fiber directly to their homes. We have roughly 200 more that have signed up who are waiting on our installation crews to connect their homes. We are only installing 2-3 per day, but should be at 6 per day in the coming weeks with a goal to get to 10 installs per day.
Our goal is to have 500 homes connected by the end of the year. It won’t be easy, but we are up for the challenge.