Nate Compton - Socket's You-Make-The-Difference Winner for January 2014


Nate Compton


Nate Compton, one of our residential field service technicians, is January's You-Make-the-Difference winner!

Nate started at Socket nearly 3 years ago, and helps install and troubleshoot service for our customers on-site. In the last year, he’s also done work on Socket's fiber network in rural Boone and Callaway counties.

As is naturally the case with field work, most of Nate’s tasks take him out of the office. It can be easy to forget that while we’re sitting at warm desks, Nate’s driving through snow and rain to get to the places  that need him.

“[People don’t] see what we do,” said a fellow field technician who nominated him. “He was the first one to grab a shovel when the snow storms hit, to make sure that everyone was able to walk on the sidewalk to get into the building. Now if you ask me, that’s making a difference!”

Originally from the Joplin area, Nate has lived in Columbia for about 8 years. In between playing pool, poker, and rooting for the Cardinals, Nate has been reading though the Game of Thrones series. So don’t spoil anything!

“I'm flattered that all these great people I work with feel that I'm making a positive difference,” said Nate after winning. “Our whole department does a great job and it's awesome that one of us finally won.”

Congrats, Nate!