Naked +: A new Product From Socket

By: Carson Coffman


Think you are on the wrong website?  No, not that sort of naked.  Naked DSL Internet.

Just high-speed Internet using the same copper phone lines that run into your home today, but without having to purchase home telephone service to make it work. It’s a product that Socket rolled out here in Columbia about 3 years ago, and it has been one of our biggest sellers.

With more people dropping their home phone line to go with a mobile phone as their primary telephone line, we have seen this product take off.  It is particularly popular with the under 30 crowd or those who are newer to Columbia.  They are not as tied to a home telephone number because they haven’t been in town as long.

So what’s next?  Naked+ (plus).  This will combine our stand-alone DSL service along with the ability to port over or set up a new phone number, but it won’t ring your home phone, and best of all you won’t have to purchase home phone service to use your home phone number. 

The number will ring into Socket’s “cloud” of servers and switches, be answered and then based on what you tell it to do, either route to your cell phone, drop into a voice mail, or even play a greeting.  And you will have the ability to choose how this happens, when it happens and which numbers it happens to.

We think it will be great for those who still have a home phone number, but never use their phone line to make calls – they use their cell phone.  But they want to keep their home phone number because so many people have it.  Grandparents, doctor’s office, school, the used car salesman you have been working with, and many more people still use this number to get in touch with you or your family.   But you don’t want every call to be ringing your cell phone all day.

With Socket’s Naked+ product you can choose where these numbers go, and when.  You just go to our customer website and set how you want the calls to be handled and how you want to be notified that you missed a call.  When the school calls, it can be forwarded straight through to you from 8-3 when the kids are there.  Great, just set that up in your Naked+ account.  Don’t want to give your cell number to the doctor’s office to call and confirm your appointment?  Let that one go straight to voice mail and notify you with an email.

Sound like a good product?  We would love to get feedback from you on what you think about this service.  Would you buy it?