Meet James Hicks, Technical Support Representative


James Hicks


Every month, Socket employees nominate and vote on a co-worker who best exemplifies our Core Values and Beliefs
This month, we picked James Hicks, technical support representative and keeper-of-the-candy.
See, James has a lot of candy. Lifesavers mints are his favorite. Walk by his desk and his arm will pop out instinctively, refreshing treat in hand.
He thinks this is why he won the award, but he's selling himself short. See, he's also great at troubleshooting customer problems. And at fixing stuff that breaks around the office.
"James is so calm and patient with his customers, so I know they're smiling when they hang up the phone with him," said a co-worker who nominated him for the award. "He has definitely made a difference at Socket in his few months here!"
We all really appreciate James' hard work and expertise. The candy is just a nice bonus.
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