Fiber - Dream to Reality

By: Carson Coffman

Fiber directly to someone’s home?  You honestly think we could do that?
I recall these conversations vividly from almost ten years ago in a cramped little office above what is now Bangkok Gardens on Cherry Street in Columbia, MO. We had painted the walls, bought a used conference table, several faux leather couches and a lot of white boards to create a place that the owners of Socket could get away and talk about what’s next. 
And now it’s actually happening. This week we are delivering true fiber service to our first customers. Many of whom can get nothing more than dial up connections today. We have complete continuity from our headquarters in Columbia, out to our first regeneration hut located behind the Millersburg Christian Church. 
Initial response has been very positive from our early sign ups. They seem to like our pricing and packages. Most customers are trying out the 10Mbps package for starters. For most this will be a huge jump in speed, as even the ones on DSL service today are getting much lower speeds than this. This level of bandwidth should let them get started with services they likely haven’t enjoyed before, most notably video services like YouTube, video conferencing, and Netflix.
What’s next? We have to figure out a video solution. It’s the next question on most of these customer’s minds. We have some neat ideas at work in our labs that will change the way many of these customers are buying TV service today. 
Find out more about where Socket's fiber runs and how you can get connected.