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We got word last week that Mediacom is now issuing tighter bandwidth caps for new high-speed Internet customers.  And from the latest Comcast earnings call it is evident where they plan to increase margins with their services.

Many other providers are also limiting data usage for their customers. They claim the policies will reduce congestion on the network and ensure that a few heavy users don't slow down connections for customers who use what the provider deems a reasonable amount of data.

Every month, Socket employees ­nominate and vote on a co-worker who best exemplifies our Core Values and Beliefs.

This month, we picked Travis Baugh, from the Customer Care and Fullfillment department. He’s been with us for a little over a year as a Service Delivery Specialist, tracking orders and helping improve all the separate little steps it takes to set up a customer.

“He does a lot behind the scenes that not a lot of people see or know about,” said a coworker.

How much do you know about your company's phone usage? Most companies get a bill with limited details- call durations and price. No real helpful data.

About four years ago we recognized this need as we were helping customers determine how many phone lines they required.  We would call them back on the same day with a recommendation and they were blown away with the timeliness.