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What would you do if the phones at your business stopped ringing?

More importantly, what would your telecom provider do?

We’ve all become so dependent on our voice and data networks that we cringe even thinking about a disaster. But the fact is that they happen.

Boy are we stuffed!

We had our quarterly company town meeting at Shakespeare's Pizza's new south location on Sept. 7th, and it was delicious!

While the departments heads each went over their progress and goals, the rest of Socket's employees chowed down on 32 pizzas in total! We made sure there was enough thick-cut pepperoni to go around. 

We're currently having a photo shoot at the main office in Columbia, MO today!

We thought it was time to freshen up our website and some of our print materials with some new photos.

We're working with Art Smith Photography to get lots of great new photos of our staff members.