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On Friday, October 19th, the mood at our Columbia office was somber. Socketeers came to work wearing black. A few even donned mourning veils.

That’s right – our president, Carson Coffman, is officially over the hill.

We figured the least we could do was throw him a surprise party after work. So while his fellow co-owner George Pfenenger shuttled him out of the building, we broke out the grill and started barbecuing…

October 1-5 is Customer Service Appreciation Week, a time to recognize and thank employees dedicated to taking care of customers.

Here at Socket, everyone is involved in making the customer experience exceptional. So to celebrate, we’ve been having some festivities around the office!

Every month, Socket employees nominate and vote on a co-worker who best exemplifies our Core Values and Beliefs. This month, we picked Jason Vander Veen, Residential Supervisor.

By the way, “Residential Supervisor” is actually short for “Residential Customer Service and Tech Support Supervisor” – quite the mouthful! Jason oversees both sections simultaneously, a talent that puts even the most ambidextrous among us to shame.