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This month's You-Make-The-Difference Award winner, Vicki Winton, is officially described as a business account coordinator, but that hardly does justice to the multitude of jobs she gets done.

“Vicki is our ‘go-to gal’ for all those things that don't seem to fit under a category,” said a co-worker. “Van need maintaining? Out of mailing labels? Need a recommendation for a dry cleaner? Talk to Vicki. She's always a joy to talk to, always cares enough to ask how people are, and really cares about the answer.”

Ronnie Mills HalloweenJason CostumeTyler Costume

To celebrate the season, we held a little costume contest here in the office. A few of the entries were pretty spooky… but for the most part, the costumes were more fun than frightful!

On Friday, October 19th, the mood at our Columbia office was somber. Socketeers came to work wearing black. A few even donned mourning veils.

That’s right – our president, Carson Coffman, is officially over the hill.

We figured the least we could do was throw him a surprise party after work. So while his fellow co-owner George Pfenenger shuttled him out of the building, we broke out the grill and started barbecuing…