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It may not look like much. Just a used maxi sneaker made by Case or Astec, depending on who you ask, dragged to Missouri from Minnesota.

But our new vibratory plow is a huge next step for Socket and our Rural Fiber Project.

Why? It allows us to do our own drops, which connect homes and businesses to our existing fiber route.

There’s a lot of spirit-wear in the office today… and more than a few inflamed rivalries. But the important thing is that it’s for a good cause.

We asked employees to donate to the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri, in exchange for wearing whatever fan gear they’d like to the office. Our goal for the month of December is to provide at least 12,000 meals for local Missouri residents, and the donations we collected today have brought us a lot closer to that mark.

Chelsea Jaggard, one of our Business Account Coordinators, was chosen as Socket's You-Make-the-Difference-Award winner for October. If you’ve ever been to our office in Columbia, you’ve probably met her – she’s the one right in front of the door.

“Chelsea manages to work the front desk, handle incoming inquiries for both business and residential accounts, and navigate all the front office traffic and keep on the phones,” said a coworker who nominated her. “She’s always willing to help out.”