Congratulations, Alex Dieffenbach, You Make the Difference!


Alex Dieffenbach


Congratulations to Alex Dieffenbach, MIS Administrator, on being named Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference Award winner for July!

Alex handles the set-up and maintenance of all of our office technology, in addition to tracking assets, testing faulty equipment, and setting up new people on their first day in the office. When tech support needs tech support, Alex jumps into action!

“As a loud person, I want to nominate a quiet person,” said a coworker. “Alex quietly goes about taking care of all our issues with technology… whether or not we have time to go through the proper channels, he just appears in an instant and gets us back up and running!”

Alex lives in Columbia with his family, including two siblings and a black lab named Zeke. In his free time, he enjoys video games, building computers and learning more about tech – in fact, that’s partly how he got recruited! During a tech support call while ordering service, the supervisor at the time was impressed enough with his ability to troubleshoot that he recommended he apply for a job. And we’re glad he did!

“I love my current position – I get to interact with people and help them out all day long,” said Alex. “They really inspire me to give it my all, so they can keep doing what they do best.”